The Irrésistible box from Givenchy: the ideal gift to offer or simply to treat yourself






The Irrésistible box from Givenchy: the ideal gift to offer or simply to treat yourself
The Irrésistible box from Givenchy: the ideal gift to offer or simply to treat yourself

Since spring 2020, a new page has opened on Givenchy women’s perfumery . The brand has developed a new feminine essence called Irresistible and resolutely inviting to let go. Endowed with a magnetic charm, this juice seems to have liberating waves in it. It is an invitation to free yourself, to be yourself and to live spontaneously. However, to celebrate the arrival of the end of the year holidays, Givenchy has chosen to reveal this essence to us in a brand new gift box. So, what does its elegant couture bottle come with? What are the olfactory notes that make up its fruity and floral recipe? We take stock!

Irresistible by Givenchy, a floral and fruity fragrance

Irrésistible by Givenchy is a fragrance that we owe to three renowned perfumers, namely Fanny Bal, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. Together, they imagined a very feminine and poetic essence, developed around a duo of rose and iris. The rose reveals itself here fresh and voluptuous, while being accompanied by a more powdery and very refined iris. Indeed, as a reminder, this is one of the most luxurious raw materials in perfumery. Pear and ambrette, for their part, add a twist to its start and make it more sparkling, crunchy and tangy. Thus, Irrésistible immediately awakens the senses and acts as a real boost on a daily basis! Little by little, it envelops itself in a more animal and woody warmth. Thus, Irrésistible de Givenchy ends with a concentrate of musk and cedar. More concretely, it is aimed at all daring women, not afraid to assert their unique personality in the eyes of all. It is an invitation to relinquish control and to laugh at the dictates of society. On screen, this image is embodied by the brand’s favorite British model, Fran Summers, more free and independent than ever… Simply Irresistible!

What is the new Irrésistible de Givenchy gift box hiding?

Irrésistible by Givenchy comes in a very couture bottle. This one has a rectangular shape but has rounded and sensual angles. Modern and sober, it is dressed in glass sculpted like a kaleidoscope. Precious and elegant objects, it is completely covered with a pale pink, both in its own juice and at its shimmering cap or its small fabric ribbon tied around its collar. In perfect harmony with this design, the Irrésistible box by Givenchy is also totally pink. On its front, it bears the brand’s logo, made up of four G. The name of Givenchy, meanwhile, appears in white on a fabric belt. Givenchy’s Irrésistible box is then available in two different variants:
– The Irrésistible spray from Givenchy in a 50 ml format, accompanied by its 15 ml travel bottle;
– or the Irrésistible spray from Givenchy, still in a 50 ml format, but this time accompanied by a hydrating body lotion of 75 ml.

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