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    The Different Perfumes Luna Rossa Prada






    The first Prada store opened in Milan in 1913. From then on, success was evident. In fact, the luxury items of the Prada house appeal to the wealthy elegant, so much so that in 1919 Prada received the official supplier patent from the Royal House of Italy. In 1978, Miuccia Prada and her husband took over the reins of the company. Miucci Prada’s background has given her a dual talent, artistic and commercial, which she will use to breathe new life into the heart of Prada creations. Among the greatest olfactory successes, we note Amber, L’Homme et la Femme Prada, Prada Candy and Luna Rossa.

    Luna Rossa, the values ​​of sailing at the heart of an elegant fragrance

    Luna Rossa, the values ​​of sailing at the heart of an elegant fragrance
    Luna Rossa, the values ​​of sailing at the heart of an elegant fragrance

    Luna Rossa’s competitive ratings

    It all started in 2000, when the “  Luna Rossa  ” team decided to take part in the America’s Cup trophy. This competition, which has become legendary, is highly coveted by athletes. It is important to know that the America’s Cup is considered as an ultimate consecration in the world of sailing. In 2012, the Prada brand wanted to compete with the help of its prestigious catamaran named “Luna Rossa”. Prada wanted to pay here an olfactory tribute to this persevering and innovative team by creating a fragrance of the same name.

    Signed Danièla Andrier, the composition begins with a multifaceted freshness by combining lavender, clary sage, lemon and mint. The heart of the composition combines geranium and ambrette. Finally, the base is ultra sensual thanks to the presence of vetiver, white musks, coumarin, cedar and cashmeran.


    Luna Rossa Carbon Prada and its most competitive bottle

     Luna Rossa Carbon Prada and its most competitive bottle
    Luna Rossa Carbon Prada and its most competitive bottle

    The energetic tones at the heart of Luna Rossa Carbon

    In 2017, the Prada house is offering a new version with Luna Rossa Carbon. As elegant as its elder, Luna Rossa Carbon is nevertheless a sportier fragrance. Luna Rossa Carbon is both very vitalizing while having a darker side than its predecessor. The bottle is inspired by the line and the beauty of racing boats. Here, contemporary and elegance are one. The metal surrounding the bottle, designed by Yves Behar, evokes the technology of the Luna Rossa catamaran.

    On the other hand, Prada’s name is proudly displayed on a red stripe reminiscent of a finish line. The latter features a transparent container designed in gray tones. Also signed Danièla Andrier, the composition takes off on the freshness of bergamot enhanced by black pepper. The heart will combine lavender with marine notes. Finally, the base combines patchouli and amber to leave a most sensual trail.

    Luna Rossa Eau Sport, the America’s Cup fragrance

    Luna Rossa Eau Sport, the America's Cup fragrance
    Luna Rossa Eau Sport, the America’s Cup fragrance

    Surpassing oneself at the heart of Luna Rossa Sport

    In 2016, faced with the success of Luna Rossa and its various variations, Prada offers a reinterpretation with Luna Rossa Eau Sport . Needless to say, the latter is the fragrance of athletes, men who surpass themselves. It also pays tribute to the sportier side of the America’s Cup, that is to say to the competitive spirit of course, but above all to nature and the love of travel. Free and truly sporty, Luna Rossa, Eau Sport is one of the most masculine scents. The composition begins with an association between bergamot and citron.

    The heart combines lavender, ginger and juniper berries. The base leaves a green, resinous and amber trail delivering balsamic tones. If the bottle uses the main codes of its elders, here it combines materials offering a contrast such as glass and metal. The white base unit also contrasts with the red button, where the brand name is inscribed. The whole is topped with a very elegant metal cabochon.

    A true star of sailing, the Luna Rossa catamaran finds its olfactory equivalent here. Competitive and elegant, the Luna Rossa perfume keeps in mind the spirit of competition and flies inexorably towards victory. Its different variations translate different emotions, but all are found around the atypical universe of sailing.

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