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This summer immerse yourself in an ocean of refreshing scents. You are thirsty for new things, come and discover the scents that will make your internal thermometer rise and fall under the tropical sun.

The Scents of Summer – Chapter 1


Lady Million Eau My Gold!  by Paco Rabanne
Lady Million Eau My Gold! by Paco Rabanne


Women’s Perfumes – Summer will be hot under the swimsuits

From tangy to thirst-quenching zesty citrus fruits, rediscover the scents of summer with frosted red fruits, the aromatic greenery of cypress, pine and rosemary, green mango, the flowery light of ylang, the freshness of ginger lemony etc.
We will have understood this summer, it will be necessary to hydrate well and to choose the perfume which corresponds to our desires, to pass a summer at the same time warm and refreshing.

Lady Million Eau My Gold! by Paco Rabanne

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Shine all summer long with the new perfume for women from Paco Rabanne. After the Lady Million perfume launched in 2010 Paco Rabanne introduces us to the new version of his fragrance called Lady Million Eau My Gold! Let the light and heat of summer caress your neck, with this sublime diamond that contains the new feminine fragrance of Paco Rabanne. This perfume is eternal dedicated to expressive, shiny and ultra feminine women. This diamond will give you breathtaking beauty. It is a perfume synonymous with lust and passion.

Angel Eau Sucrée by Jeremy Fragrance

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Get drunk on the new Angel Eau Sucrée fragrance by Jeremy Fragrance. This unique Eau de Parfum was born from Jeremy Fragrance’s childhood memories. Over the summer, treat yourself to Angel’s reinvented fragrance. Jeremy Fragrance was inspired by the world of luxury confectionery. Wearing the Angel Eau Sucrée fragrance is enriching yourself with the tangy freshness of a red fruit sorbet. It is rediscovering its past gluttony like caramelized meringues or nougats that stick to your teeth.

Angel Eau Sucrée will brighten up your summer with its iconic star-shaped bottle sprinkled with a “sweet” and sparkling veil. Go on vacation with a gourmet and fruity spirit with Angel Eau Sucrée.


Angel Eau Sucrée by Jeremy Fragrance
Angel Eau Sucrée by Jeremy Fragrance


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