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    Libre Eau de Perfume, by Yves Saint-Laurent: a new floral fragrance full of daring






    Libre Eau de Perfume, by Yves Saint-Laurent: a new floral fragrance full of daring
    Libre Eau de Perfume, by Yves Saint-Laurent: a new floral fragrance full of daring

    Libre Eau de Perfume, all the audacity of the Yves Saint-Laurent brand in a new floral fragrance

    For the Yves Saint-Laurent house , the ultimate luxury is to be able to live and express oneself as we see fit. More than a simple message, Yves Saint-Laurent has made it a true philosophy, guiding each of his creations. Emancipation, uncompromising creativity, the desire to live with passion and contradictions… These are the challenges faced by Yves Saint-Laurent throughout his life. It is therefore natural that the brand bearing his name decided to create, in 2019, an Eau de Toilette called Libre. Today, history is repeating itself and this fragrance for women becomes Libre Eau de Perfume, in a more carnal and suave edition.

    Yves Saint-Laurent signs a very sophisticated and couture bottle

    Let’s go first to meet the bottle of Libre Eau de Parfum… This juice comes in a luxurious bottle, with a geometric silhouette, cut with the same elegance as a tuxedo. Gold chains and a black cap adorn this all-glass container, while the transparency of its walls lets us glimpse a more amber juice than before. Similar to molten gold, it seems to have a scorching fire within it. The legendary Cassandre, Yves Saint-Laurent’s emblematic logo, is inscribed on the surface of this bottle, while curving to perfectly match its right angle. Directly nailed to the glass, it offers us a perfect fusion between metal, crystal and perfume. The set is as luxurious as it is sexy!

    Libre Eau de Perfume, a smooth and floral composition

    Libre Eau de Parfum owes its existence to perfumer Anne Flipo, who chooses to offer us a smoother and more ardent interpretation of the previous Libre by Yves Saint-Laurent. Here, the wild orchid mingles with the orange blossom of Morocco, for an infinitely carnal rendering. Libre Eau de Parfum is the embodiment of an intrepid woman. It all starts with the energy of mandarin essence, illuminated with neroli. Then, lavender amplifies the Mediterranean and aromatic character of this fragrance, while pairing with sambac jasmine. Madagascar vanilla then accentuates the sensuality of this essence, while cedar gives it its woody persistence. Libre Eau de Parfum finally ends with a duo of ambergris and musk.

    Dua Lipa, symbol of a free and daring woman

    Like the previous Eau de Toilette Libre, the Eau de Parfum de Libre edition is embodied on screen by London singer Dua Lipa. Famous around the world, she represents freedom and femininity like no other. For Yves Saint-Laurent, she is “an inspired choice to embody a daring and rebellious woman who knows how to dream and act at the same time. Young, innovative, uncompromising, she is always herself, always ready to tell the truth ”. Writing her own rules without compromise, here she symbolizes the freedom and inner strength of women of our time.

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