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    Flor Del Sol, the novelty of Escada with a summer scent






    Flor Del Sol, the novelty of Escada with a summer scent
    Flor Del Sol, the novelty of Escada with a summer scent

    Flor Del Sol, Escada flies to Mexico, with its new summer 2020 edition

    Sorbetto Rosso, Miami Blossom, Fiesta Carioca, or Agua Del Sol are all names that smell like the sun and have made us travel in recent years. Indeed, every summer, Escada has a tradition of releasing a limited edition of perfume. The purpose of these essences? Transport us to an exotic elsewhere with a single breath! So, as if to warm up your winter, Escada has already announced the release of its new composition for summer 2020. This time, the brand has decided to put our luggage in Mexico. Focus on the new Flor Del Sol .

    Flor Del Sol, a perfume thought of as a summer vacation

    Flor Del Sol d’Escada is a perfume that seems designed to make us smile from the first breath. As proof, it begins with an aroma of a Tequila Sunrise cocktail. It therefore evokes an exotic aperitif on a hot summer evening. To do this, he mixes a scent of tequila, grenadine syrup and orange juice. Then her heart becomes more feminine and lush. It essentially revolves around the dahlia flower. Little by little, Flor Del Sol is also focusing on sensuality. Its base is more woody and seductive, wrapped in darker sandalwood. All in curves, Flor Del Sol celebrates “summer vacation, freedom and friendship”. This feminine and addicting scent is sunnier than ever: “Close your eyes, breathe and immerse yourself in the incredible memories of an exotic and fun vacation in Mexico”.

    The very colorful packaging of Escada

    You should also know that the smell of the summer perfumes of Escadais not their only strong point… Very often, these limited edition essences are accompanied by very festive and playful packaging. With Flor Del Sol, the magic operates instantly and its visual transports us to a jovial and exotic elsewhere. Its yellow box is covered with numerous drawings of cacti, dahlias or maracas. A guitar decorated with Mexican motifs also contributes to give it a very festive touch. Inside hides the iconic Escada bottle, the silhouette of which is common to all the brand’s essences. Sleek but round at the same time, the Escada bottle is sober and generous. Its glass walls are here covered with a red and flaming pink gradient. On the whole sits proudly a chrome spray cap engraved with the name of Escada.

    Flor Del Sol succeeds the previous versions Sorbetto Rosso of 2018 and Miami Blossom of 2019. As every year, this is one of the most anticipated perfumes of 2020. As proof, their notoriety is such that it sells for around a summer bottle of Escada every eight seconds around the world during the summer season. Let us therefore wish Flor Del Sol the same notoriety as his elders …

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