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    Fleur Universelle and the fame of Lalique






    Fleur Universelle and the fame of Lalique
    Fleur Universelle and the fame of Lalique

    Universal Flower, symbol of Lalique’s world-wide and timeless fame

    Fleur Universelle is a fragrance from a range of six fragrances marketed by Lalique in 2014 . The ambition of this collection is then to transcribe in an olfactory way the highlights of the life of the Parisian brand. It reflects the quest for beauty that transcends time and space. Its scent must then be extremely exquisite so as to satisfy everyone and at all times. What is more, in this continuity, Lalique offers us a unisex essence capable of satisfying the desires of both women and men.

    1900, when Lalique expands its activities

    Fleur Universelle plunges us into the heart of 1900 in the heart of Paris. The capital then witnessed a real surge of novelty. Indeed, at this hour, everyone is in turmoil in front of the Universal Exhibition and the creative impulses do not cease to surprise. René Lalique, for his part, has an incomparable reputation in the field of jewelry. It was therefore at this moment that he chose to diversify his activity to take an interest in glass. Its manufacturing processes, which were very innovative for the time, earned it the filing of several patents. Thus, Lalique’s art will become universal and recognized around the world. Also, it is clearly this point that Fleur Universelle tries to evoke. It is a metaphor for the craftsmanship of Lalique. This fragrance gives birth to scents of great beauty, like a blooming flower or like Lalique creations when they see the light of day. Also, this flower is designed to never wither. Its beauty is, like this great Parisian house, timeless, universal and undisputed. More than just a perfume, this juice is the olfactory symbol of the visionary spirit, of the tradition of innovation and of a heritage turned towards the future and towards the world. Fleur Universelle is none other than the interpretation of Lalique’s passion for renewal.

    Fleur Universelle, a fragrance combining modernity with timelessness

    Universal Flower symbolizes a flower whose corollas will never fade. It is thus all the innovative spirit of René Lalique which is reborn through her as if to make us vibrate better. The whole soul of the house is present. Fleur Universelle represents the splendor of the brand and intoxicates us with a powerful perfume whose radiance is universal. This oriental woody scent is very sensual and powerful. Leather notes combine with more fruity scents as well as floral tones. Everything then comes together in perfect harmony. At its heart, spices mingle with the sweetness of rum and cinnamon. You almost think you smell hot sand and everything is clearly borrowed from the universe of the Roaring Twenties. The fusant of pink pepper is associated with cardamom. You would have understood it, Fleur Universelle does not lack character. In addition, it has this greedy side of brown sugar and dark chocolate. Finally, we find myrrh, vanilla, licorice, tonka bean, Amaretto as well as patchouli. The whole is admirably well structured and can only, as its name suggests, become a universal fragrance.

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