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    Explorer Ultra Blue, Montblanc takes us on a new adventure






    Explorer Ultra Blue, Montblanc takes us on a new adventure
    Explorer Ultra Blue, Montblanc takes us on a new adventure

    Since its creation in 1906, the Montblanc brand has been synonymous with innovation and creativity. Renowned the world over for its fountain pens with an integrated inkwell, today it also has its full place in the fields of watchmaking, leather goods and perfumery. On the perfume side, she continues to draw inspiration from the three founding men who designed this luxury empire. Once again, in 2021, Montblanc decides to celebrate all those who constantly face new challenges. Make way for a new modern-day adventurer with Explorer Ultra Blue for men.

    Explore Ultra Blue, if you are an adventurer at heart, this scent is for you!

    Explorer Ultra Blue by Montblanc takes us on a sumptuous adventure. This fragrance invites men to grab their travel diaries, put on their walking sneakers, bring their rucksacks and go on an adventure. Exploring Montblanc’s Ultra Blue is like a new peak to climb, with a next challenge looming on the horizon. It is aimed at all those who cannot stay still and who feel an irresistible call to discover the unknown. With exploration as its sole leitmotif, Explorer Ultra Blue for men encourages people to surpass themselves and always think bigger. It invites explorers on a new fantastic journey, to discover new noble raw materials, an olfactory palette inspired by the blue elements of nature.

    All the beauty of a bottle signed Montblanc

    The Explorer Ultra Blue bottle is made with the purest respect for Montblanc know-how and tradition. It rests on a base of thick and transparent glass, while drawing a large cylinder. It is covered with a blue Saffiano pattern leather, itself bearing the Montblanc emblem: a six-pointed star symbolizing the six peaks of the Mont-Blanc massif. By the way, note that this star and this leather scabbard are assembled by hand by the famous Pelleteria Montblanc in Florence, the in-house workshop from which the most beautiful creations of Montblanc leather goods come out. The whole thing is topped by a metallic cap, as robust as it is elegant.

    The woody and ozonic breath of Explorer Ultra Blue

    On the scent side, Explorer Ultra Blue was designed by three perfumers: Jordi Fernandez, Olivier Pescheux and Antoine Maisondieu. Inspired by natural elements, it is a scent as fresh as woody or aquatic. Particularly invigorating, Explorer Ultra Blue by Montblanc combines, in its top notes, Sicilian bergamot, exotic fruits and pink pepper. As zesty as it is spicy, this fragrance continues with a more maritime heart, mixing a breath of sea salt with ambergris. Gradually, the masculinity of this essence shines through in a woody trail, sewn with Indonesian patchouli and leather.

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