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    Costa Azzurra, Tom Ford takes us to the Mediterranean






    Costa Azzurra, Tom Ford takes us to the Mediterranean
    Costa Azzurra, Tom Ford takes us to the Mediterranean

    For Americans, Europe is a fascinating land, the trip of a lifetime. Many people dream of going there one day and discovering, among other things, all the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Its solar scent, sea spray and warm side are all elements that call for discovery. However, Tom Ford has had the good fortune to visit this part of the world on many occasions. However, each time, the surprise remains the same and the beauty of the place overwhelms him. It is therefore to pay tribute to this part of the planet that the American designer has made a new perfume called Costa Azzurra.

    Costa Azzurra, a trip to the Mediterranean

    Tom Ford was not born in Europe and does not give thanks for his origins by evoking the Mediterranean Sea. He comes to us from Texas and finally immersed himself in the universe and European culture thanks to his notable stints as artistic director at Gucci and Yves Saint-Laurent. Since 2006, if he has owned his eponymous luxury brand, he has not forgotten how far he has come. Today, with Costa Azzurra, he evokes a maritime journey in the Mediterranean, like skin swept by sea spray and caressed by the sun. Costa Azzurra deploys a wave of striking freshness and transports us with a simple breath. “I have always liked fragrances that have the ability to travel,” explains Tom Ford. Costa Azzurra captures the relaxed yet sexy atmosphere of the Mediterranean. For me, this is the ultimate escape ”.

    Costa Azzurra’s solar bottle

    Let’s start first with the discovery of the bottle of Tom Ford. This one wants to be as solar as luxurious. Presented in a cylindrical case, the Costa Azzurra perfume shines with a thousand lights and captivates us with its golden color. Its glass, meanwhile, is worked with extreme precision, drawing numerous streaks on its glass walls as on its cap. The alliance of gold and its reliefs is very clearly inspired by Tom Ford’s previous perfume: Black Orchid. Once again, the designer puts this noble material in the spotlight, as if to reveal all the refinement of its fragrance. Likewise, his name is inscribed on a golden plaque. In addition to the luxurious side of this material, let us underline that it also evokes the sun brilliantly… Enough to transport us to the Mediterranean!

    The fresh and solar breath of Costa Azzurra by Tom Ford

    Therefore, we look forward to discovering the Mediterranean scent of Costa Azzurra , as if coming from the sea air mingling with the woody breath of the dunes. Like a ray of sunshine on damp skin, Costa Azzurra is as warm as it is refreshing. It first lights up with citrus fruits mixed with resinous tree needles. Here, it is more exactly a question of lemon, myrtle and juniper berries. This aromatic and woody spirit continues in its heart, in an alliance of cypress and mastic resin. Finally, at its base, the wood persists while being accompanied by cistus. As a reminder, this is a raw material from a Mediterranean shrub, very present in coastal regions and deploying an amber and animal breath.

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