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    Chanel unveils its new hand cream with a rich texture






    Chanel unveils its new hand cream with a rich texture
    Chanel unveils its new hand cream with a rich texture

    Preserve the beauty of your hands with Chanel Texture Riche Cream

    Every year, with the onset of winter and cold, the same old story repeats itself: your hands make you suffer, become dehydrated and take on the appearance of crocodile skin. If this is uncomfortable, it is also quite unsightly. So, to prevent it from pulling you or scratching you, it is necessary to protect them by applying specific care. Particularly moisturizing and nutritious, the Crème Main Texture Riche by Chanel could well become your best companion for next season.

    The benefits of the Rich Texture Hand Cream

    The Crème Main Texture Riche by Chanel is an essential product for winter, specially dedicated to dry skin and fragile hands. Its particularly intense formula offers complete care for your hands and nails. Very nourishing, this product will envelop your skin in its creamy and smooth texture. Absorbed quickly, it allows you to keep your hands free as soon as its formula is applied. The Rich Texture Hand Cream intensely nourishes the epidermis and repairs the hands in just a few applications. It helps them regain all their softness, flexibility and comfort. This treatment soothes feelings of dryness and helps to face the cold of winter. What’s more, applied daily, the Rich Texture Hand Cream also strengthens the nails and softens the cuticles.

    The innovative and practical packaging of the Rich Texture Hand Cream

    Let’s also discover the bottle of the Crème Main Texture Riche. Particularly amazing, it takes a rounded shape that precisely meets all the expectations of women today. Indeed, its unique shape is thought of as a small accessory to easily slip into any handbag. What’s more, this bottle does not warp. Thus, it is a real nomadic object and designed to protect its formula and prevent any leakage. From now on, you will no longer hesitate to take your Chanel Rich Texture Hand Cream everywhere with you!

    The natural active ingredients contained in the Rich Texture Hand Cream

    To achieve such results, the Riche Hand Texture Cream formula contains a large number of natural active ingredients. However, two of its main ingredients are flowers. The May rose cultivated in Grasse for Chanel gives here a floral wax which softens the epidermis and forms a protective film. Thus, hydration is retained in the heart of the cells. The rose is associated with the benefits of the iris, a plant known for its lightening properties. The formula of the Crème Main Texture Riche by Chanel also contains shea butter, an ingredient highly concentrated in fatty acids and very present in cosmetics, renowned for its nutritional properties.

    The Rich Texture Hand Cream can be used as many times as needed. As soon as the need for hydration arises, it brings complete comfort to your hands. So, do not hesitate to renew its application during the day.

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