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    Armani Code Profumo, a scented outlet






    Armani Code Profumo, a scented outlet
    Armani Code Profumo, a scented outlet

    There are ranges of perfumes that we never tire of. Also, it seems that Armani Code faced away from those. Indeed, since its release in 2004, sales for this gasoline have not dwindled for a single second and success is constantly there. It must be said that the Armani house does everything to keep the flame between its perfume and its audience. In order to keep this love story alive, the brand never tires of offering new variations of its star essence that you can find inexpensively on our site. Thus, the year 2016 will not escape this rule. A next variation of Armani Code has already been announced and should see the light of day within a few weeks. The newcomer will therefore be called Armani Code Profumo and is presented as an olfactory embodiment of raw sensuality.

    Compliance with strict Armani codes

    The Armani houseis known the world over. She embodies an ideal to which every man aspires. It is synonymous with elegance and refinement. Indeed, an Armani man will most often be dressed in an elegant suit. He has the art of decorating his outfits with the detail that makes all the difference. Its style remains uncluttered and everything is thought out so that it stands out instantly. Also, it is undeniably this concern for perfection that makes the Armani house shine across the entire planet. Thus, this line of conduct is scrupulously respected, both within the brand’s couture department and within its perfume department. Armani oversees every detail and none of his outings escape his control. The new Armani Code Profumo is therefore already announced as being particularly elegant and refined. It is very strongly inspired by its predecessor but nevertheless adds a touch of sensuality that no one will be able to resist. Armani intends to reveal the seducer that lies dormant in you and turn heads as you go.

    The new Armani Code Profumo

    Armani Code Profumo will therefore open with a particularly fresh and invigorating flight. We will find there in particular the presence of green mandarin, associated with the crunchiness of the apple as well as the more zesty aspect of cardamom. His heart, meanwhile, will be worked around lavender. This ingredient, particularly dear to men’s perfumery, will however be delivered with a lot of modernity. It will not lack character and will be enhanced with a hint of spices such as cinnamon. Likewise, it will draw its luminosity through the orange blossom. Finally, the wake of Armani Code Profumo could not be sexier. This one will be dressed in leather and will also adopt light amber tones. However, everything will be softened by an addition of tonka bean from Venezuela, giving it a slightly more enveloping appearance. On the bottle side, Armani Code Profumo will be contained in a glass case reminiscent of its predecessor. However, it will trade its intense black color against a gradient going from light brown to brown. It will also be topped with a particularly chic copper cabochon. Finally, Armani has chosen to keep his muse and this essence will then be embodied by the irresistible Chris Pine.

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